Admis­sion and Appli­ca­tion Pro­ce­dures for all Russ­ian Universities;


1. You send us a scanned copy of your Inter­na­tional Passport.

2. You send us a scanned copy of your O-​Level Result.


1. You will receive an Offer Let­ter from in a max­i­mum time of 1 week. This will include the fees.

2. For Kursk State Med­ical Uni­ver­sity, Stu­dent then pays the fees into the Schools Inter­me­di­ary com­pany Account. Fees are not paid directly into the school account. The school han­dles all pay­ments through the inter­me­di­ary. All these infor­ma­tion will be stated in the offer letter.

For all other Uni­ver­si­ties, Stu­dents will pay the fees after they receive the visa.

3. Stu­dent receives Russ­ian Migration/​Invitation Let­ter within a period of 8 weeks from the date the pay­ment reflects in the School’s Inter­me­di­ary Account.

4. Stu­dent goes to the Embassy.