1. Orig­i­nal let­ter of invi­ta­tion issued by Russ­ian migra­tion ser­vice (We will be respon­si­ble for get­ting you this letter)
  2. Let­ter of admis­sion from Russ­ian Insti­tute /​University/​Acad­emy
  3. Com­pleted visa appli­ca­tion form
  4. Valid pass­port together with a clear pho­to­copy of its data page
  5. One clear color pass­port size photo with the sur­name of the appli­cant writ­ten on the reverse side.
  6. Gen­eral hearth cer­tifi­cate issued by respon­si­ble authority
  7. Orig­i­nal of HIV/​AIDS test certificate.
  8. School cer­tifi­cate exam­i­na­tion (WAEC NECO) legal­ized by the Russ­ian consulate
  9. Police char­ac­ter certificate
  10. NDLEA cer­tifi­cate of Clarence
  11. Police depor­ta­tion report
  12. Travel insur­ance valid for at least 3 month from the date of its sub­mis­sion to the consulate.