Moscow Power Engi­neer­ing Insti­tute (Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity) — MPEI — was founded in 1930 in Moscow at the very begin­ning of world power engi­neer­ing devel­op­ment and was widened and enlarged with the dis­cov­er­ing of new energy sources, solv­ing new sci­en­tific and tech­no­log­i­cal prob­lems, imple­ment­ing of new meth­ods of energy gen­er­at­ing, dis­trib­ut­ing and con­sum­ing. MPEI is of the same age as Russ­ian Power Engi­neer­ing. MPEI now is the largest Russ­ian Power Engi­neer­ing Uni­ver­sity and sci­en­tific cen­ter, one of the main uni­ver­si­ties in Rus­sia in the field of Power Engi­neer­ing, Elec­tri­cal Engi­neer­ing, Elec­tron­ics and Com­put­ers Science.

Courses in Eng­lish Medium and Tuition fee:

  • Com­puter Science-​4 Years ($4,000)
  • Infor­mat­ics and com­puter Engi­neer­ing ($4,000)